THIS IS RING TONE M... feat. GRANDMASTER CAZ 歌詞 LL Cool J,Grandmaster Caz ふりがな付

  1. 歌詞検索UtaTen
  2. LL Cool J,Grandmaster Caz
よみ:でぃす いず りんぐ とーん えむ... ふぃ-ちゃりんぐ. ぐらんどますたー きゃず


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My bars like a bullet blow your head right off
Hand on my tip pullin give your mouth a night off
Give your sound man a c note to cut your mic off
The promoters need me nigga you just a write off
I'm a after that hit the dressing room
Turn the lights off
Score on the fraud broad let her break my pipe off
I used the word off 7 times in the rhyme
Your dumb enough to think I got a primitive mind
But before you start tweakin critikin pressin rewind
Use your mind stop actin like your 3rd eyes blind
You lack creativity that why you don't shine
There callin me a genius it's about time
Like the tats on your mamas I'm like tattoos on your mamas behind
I bounce up and down at the end I'm a shine
I will humiliate any body that want it I'm back on top it hurts
Lil homie don't it

It's obvious these clowns don't know who I am
You must a didn't get the message nigga check your spam
Get your facts right take your dick out your hand
No homo but you prolly on the lolo dam
They call me uncle L I'm from the northside of queens
And now you looking at me like what does that mean
It means I'll crush you and every coward in between
For sounding like girls with sweet 16
I don't give a fuck about who's old or young
From what I hear the graveyard has room for every one
Test big ellie come and get your head sprung
Which coffin you want the blue or the red one
I ain't gang bangin that ain't the motherfuckin point
The point is I'll spark these niggas like dust joints
The point you gon pay what you owe me plus points
Listen to the sound of revenge
It's my voice

You runnin round talkin bout I'm twice your age
But I was rich at 17 You got some shit to explain
Rap games like a movie niggas playing the role
But your poker games too weak your forced to fold
All this hating and debatin shit made me cold
Ready to blast seperate your body from from your soul
Coniniving ass coward get dropped in a hole
These niggas are shook like pinkys ass on the pole
I'm the bridge over troubled water pay my toll
I'm the rules to game you obey my code
I'm the center of the bomb I'm the part that explodes
You are not hip hop nigga go write for vogue
Your not a king nor prince your just a toad
You ain't a g your a ho your sweeter than rocky road
Battle anybody who want it let me know
I just had another birthday nigga more dough

THIS IS RING TONE M... feat. GRANDMASTER CAZ / LL Cool J,Grandmaster Caz の歌詞へのレビュー



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曲名:THIS IS RING TONE M... feat. GRANDMASTER CAZ 歌手:LL Cool J,Grandmaster Caz