MR. PRESIDENT feat. WYCLEF JEAN 歌詞 LL Cool J,Wyclef Jean ふりがな付

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  2. LL Cool J,Wyclef Jean
よみ:みすたー. ぷれじでんと ふぃ-ちゃりんぐ. わいくりふ じょん


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Dear Mr. President with all due respect
Wish we could have a conversation
I would take a trip down to your residence
And we would talk about the state of the nation
Mr. President I would ask you about the war
Really and truly what is it for
When an I e d makes a soldier fall
Is he dying for something above us all
Is it all about oil at the end of the day
Is the pledge of allegiance just something to say
I hope not cause I love the USA
In spite of all the drama we have today
Mr. President are you aware?
Our flesh and blood's dying over there
When the coffin's come back do you care?
When only the poor kid's die is it fair?

Don't get me wrong I respect the flag
But it hurt's to see a kid in a body bag
He fought for his country with all he had
Now we have a family without a dad.
Lil mama's crying the kid's are scared.
On 911 why were we unprepared?
Mr. President are you aware
Unless your rich you have poor health care
It makes you scream and want to pull out your hair
Discharged from the hospital soon as you get there
Mr. President truth or dare
The terrorist's are hiding do you know where?
Illegal immigrant's are everywhere
Is it really there fault they wanted to come here?
I respect you please be clear
But talk with me show the people you care

I'm not republican or democrat
I'm independent and I want the fact
When are the soldier's coming back
Are we prepared for a terror attack
Late at night I watch CNN
It's get's so bad I might stop breathing
The middle east hate's us what's the reason?
Mr. President my heart is bleeding
I tuck my kid's in every evening
And try to teach them to keep believing
Hoping my govt won't deceive them
Tell'em set some goal's you can achieve them
Mr. President I have to know
If I die for you what will I have to show
Will really and truly help my country grow
I'm waiting for your answer let me know.

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曲名:MR. PRESIDENT feat. WYCLEF JEAN 歌手:LL Cool J,Wyclef Jean