I'm Grown feat. Bow Wow 歌詞 Tiffany Evans,Bow Wow ふりがな付

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  3. I'm Grown feat. Bow Wow歌詞
よみ:あいむ ぐろうん ふぃーちゃりんぐ. ばう わう

I'm Grown feat. Bow Wow 歌詞

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Yes yall and to the like beat and (beat and)
Its b dub and tiffany and (nee and)
We are in the place to be and (be and)
We came in to move your feet and (feet and)
Get things jumping like they supposed to
Teen magazines we jumpin right out the poster
Can't believe what you seein then look closer
I know you cant believe she gettin older

She's just a teen
So how could she
Really know what she wants I can't believe
Think I'll run and tell you're mean to me
When its really like she mean ain't she
I know just what you think
You're so stuck in the past
Like stone washed jeans
And I can endorse anything feel me
I'm flyer then you ever thought I'd be

*You wonder why I'm so cold
You could have been more involved but no!
I'm not the girl that you knew before
Can't believe you didn't know I'm grown...

**I'm grown now
Certified and only
You say what you want, you can't a thing from me
I'm grown now

I'm grown now, I'm grown now
I'm grown now
Got my own money
You ain't gonna run me
I ain't no where
I'm grown now!

Can't believe you're tryna block me
But your still playing them games I thought you'd be
Up in my league but no you can't compete
Back up, don't touch, gotta give me 50 feet
Cause I'm up on another level
I'm bringing things to life like I'm Japedo
this is the last time that I'm gonna tell you
I'm doing it big now, you wanna peace? Let it go!



You put your hand to the cloud
Then back to the wind
Bow and tiff evans
Is back at it again
Yeah ma you grown go on and let you rims spin
Yeah you got your lil permit
Whippin your lil whip (whip)
Go on and let your paint drip drip (drip drip)
Tell your parents dont trip
Hang with your girls go on your little trips
Its your world lil mama its your life to live (believe that)

I'm not them girls you're used to dating
I got a unique situation
(I tell you the truth)
You can travel the world but you'll never find
(Who does what I do)

I'll have you open

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曲名:I'm Grown feat. Bow Wow 歌手:Tiffany Evans,Bow Wow