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Suspended 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
Don't wake me, I'm still dreaming
I don't see you, I can't feel you
I'm alone for real, in my mind
I'll feel this all night when my life takes a flight

*This isn't just in your mind
We're suspended from space and time

I feel like I'm falling
What happens when I hit?
Must mean then that's it
This black abyss, this pit
It all seems shades of gray
I'm never ready for the light of day

* Repeat X 2

Why do you hurt me
This reality
Why you smile at me
Show you're phallus see?
Dreams hold me never let me go
Will reality wake me?
I don't know

* Repeat X 2

Am I dreaming?

If so then why?
My body's back on earth
Only spirits can fly
Soaring through dimensions of love
Kind only my Father speaks of
Scenery changes spins and erodes
So does the color of our souls
[Wake up bitch]
I know how this must make you feel
Baby believe me this was real
This was real
[Wake up bitch, wake up, wake up, wake up bitch]

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曲名:Suspended 歌手:Kelis