Good Stuff [feat. Terrar] 歌詞 Kelis,Terrar ふりがな付

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よみ:ぐっど すたっふ [ふぃーちゃりんぐ. てらー]

Good Stuff [feat. Terrar] 歌詞

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Yeah I'm telling you boy, you're wasting your time on them.
The good stuff's right here.

I seen you when you walked in stealing all the light
You're the type of guy that mate them fly girls fuss and fight
They can't love you more
Not the way you wishing for
They go about it all wrong
The experts get it right

*Come on
Telling you now boy put your eyes on me
Come on
If you come now boy I'll throw my heart in free
Come on
I can love you in one million ways
Come on
If you don't like it send it back in thirty days

I know you're sick of them Knowing who you are
All they want to do is ride around in your fancy car
Give me this give me that
Yeah I know it's so wack
All they want to do is be seen with a superstar

* Repeat

This is the good stuff, this is the good stuff
You don't know this is the good stuff, this is the good stuff

Bulletproof under the suit no need for alarm
The way I flow through the club, call me disco don
But my name still Terrar still the world in my palm
You're chicken heat front passenger seat loading my arms
Who she with next,
one of two Clipes in tinted specs

Dance floor hot sex my hands rubbing the rest
What am I saying baby discoteche or this go tech?
Either way to miss my spray just twist your neck

Now that you see you really wanted me
And those girls wasted their time thinking
they could possibly
Yeah right
You want this you don't want that
Here girls we don't want it back
And if you want the next one you should repeat after me

This is the good stuff this is the good stuff
You don't know this is the good stuff, this is the good stuff
Come on
This is the good stuff
Come on, come on, come on
Yo you looking at stars yeah you know who we are
Clipes, Kelis, Neptunes, Star Track I'll be back baby

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曲名:Good Stuff [feat. Terrar] 歌手:Kelis,Terrar