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I'm Not Missing You 歌詞

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Been through just about everything that I can go through when it comes to
Don't know what I was missin' or why I ain't listen when I told myself that
was it
Now here I go hurt again cuz of my curiosity
Now that it's over what else could it be
He decides to cheat

I made a promise never to settle, why didn't I keep it
Cuz I hated the heartbreak cryin' and cheatin' the foolin' around

But I'm not missing you
I'm not going through the motions waiting and the hoping you call me
I'm not missing you
You might have had me open but I must be goin' because
I got life to do
I know I'm usually hangin' on, I used to hate to see you gone
But this time it's different, I don't even feel the distance
I'm not missing
I'm not missing you

It's a shame in a way cuz I feel that I may not ever find the right one for me
Did I leave him is he right in front of my face or will my true love ever be
Why would I go on a search again when I know what the end will be
What good is love when it keeps on hurtin' me


No, I can't be with you cuz I'm scared
Felt like I was fallin' when you left me
I can't keep going through life unaware of what I'm missing
Or the person I could be
Love's good when it's right, bad when it's left
In your memory all the times it let you down
I guess love would be nice for someone else's life
But I'm not missing you


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曲名:I'm Not Missing You 歌手:Stacie Orrico