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よみ:あふたー ざ らいつ

After The Lights 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
(verse 1)
He met her backstage
She was supposed to be just another girl for the night
But there was something in her smile
That stopped his breath
She made everything make sense

After the lights go down
And after the screams go dead
Her voice still echoes in his head
After the lights go down
And after the lust and fame
His heart still beats to the sound of her name

(verse 2)
Sometimes he wakes up
Calling out for the one good thing he let go
In a lonely hotel room he tries to relive that night
And to see her smiling for him


(verse 3)
Years later he sees her
But when he sees her ring
His words escape
And he doesn't say he still tastes her kiss
And she's to scared to say
That her child's eyes are his


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曲名:After The Lights 歌手:sweetbox