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よみ:ぷりてぃー いん ぴんく

Pretty In Pink 歌詞

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(verse 1)
Now we're back in 1984
He's waiting by the door
She's all dressed up for the perfect night
And he's bad
But you know she doesn't care
She's living on a prayer
Bon Jovi's on the radio

Her mother hates him
She says "baby please, you're too young to see what I see"
But she just says "Mama, you don't understand
and you can't live my Life for me!"

(chorus 2*)
When she was pretty in pink
With the heart of sixteen
She'd do anything to be his world
To be his girl

(verse 2)
Late at night she sneaks out just for him
Feels the heaven of his skin
Oh the first cut is the deepest

Her mother waits up
Cursing his name
Then she looks at the man by her side
And she remembers the time
When dreams didn't die
And she didn't know young hearts can break

(chorus 3*)

He was the world back in 1984

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