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Symphony 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
Here I go again
Me and my dreamy eyes
I should be content but something's just not satisfied
It's nothing that you did
I'm still on your side
But I can't love you if I'm not sure who I am inside
Cause there's some questions that need some answers
What is it I'm really after
The clock's ticking so I can't wait around

This is my now, this is my today
No more sitting on the side waiting for my chance to play
Time to step out, so much to say
But I'll never get the chance if I don't break away
And write my own symphony
Write my own symphony
I've got to write my own symphony
Write my own symphony
Just let me write my own symphony

I've always got my head way up in the clouds
Something in me wants to fly away and leave the ground
If you could hear my thoughts when no one's around
Then you'd understand my fear of being held down
'Cause I want to explore the world around me
Dance under the stars above me
And be free to make my own mistakes


Cause every minute you're here with me
It gets harder to turn and walk away
But I gotta chase my destiny
No matter how hard or long it takes


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曲名:Symphony 歌手:Marie Digby