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よみ:ひっぷ ほっぷ あ るーら

Hip Hop A Lula 歌詞

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hello, A Let's Go

Hip Hop A Lula, she she's my baby
(i've) heard it all before and it's driving me crazy
But, look what i've found, just lying on the street,
a little piece of rhyme, in the middle of a beat

A Take me down to the parallel city,
where the music's loud and the boys are pretty,
i wanna go, i really wanna go
but exuse me honey, i'm late for the show


★break break break it up, girls say
break it down, boys say
break it up, girls say
break it down, yeah

well, u can say we commit the perfect rhyme, crime
looking for a high 5 moment in time, time
searching high, we've been searching low,
cos nobody told us excatly where to go go go

Hello Dolly, Pardon my french
but we've been looking for a guy with a monkey wrench
talking trash, into a can, onto a record and then u can dance.



we've been so tired of the booty shake
so please do something new cos u keep us awake
teen girls wick wack their behinds
giving us the chills up N down our spines

Don't wannabe poluting the airwaves
and send Shockwaves down your spiral staircase
we mix it up from the music we adore
too much good stuff outthere too ignore
Cos there's too much good stuff outthere to ignore

Round and Round

keep on running, yeah

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