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よみ:あい うぉんと ゆー


友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
Once the love was strong
Now it's gone long gone
Now the pain like a scar
I remain all alone
Cuz I want you
Cuz I want you
Cuz l want you
I want you

[Verse One]
I been thinkin bout
I been thinkin bout
I been thinkin bout
You lately
Thoughts take me to when we were close
Addicted to your love
Girl I need another dose
I know it's a feeling that should be long gone
Things seem to come up when I hear our song
Golden brown girl it seems so long
Since I heard your voice where did the king go wrong
Emotions they linger on I guess
Cuz I never knew a love so strong
So many hot girls I need your warmth
The taste of your mouth
Girl I need your warmth
Good food and love I need your warmth
This here was made before we were born
A dreamer so I ma keep dreamin on
It's kinda like the break up with Jen and Vince Vaughn


[Verse Two]
They say you don't know what you got till
What you got is gone
Yeah I like such and such a lot but the feeling not as strong
We were like two birds that was able to fly

I try to pick the right words to say to the sky
Some days I would try but wouldn't able to cry
I never been good at saying good bye
I take a deep breath when times are hard
When I reminisce over you my god
I spent many years trying to be the heartthrob
I guess it's only right that I got my heart robbed
The scent of the room reminds me of you
A hint of perfume that reminds me of you
Take a look at the moon
It reminds of you
Hope the stars and the gods align me and you


[Verse Three]
We do what we do and we do what we live
l love this way cuz I got it as a kid
With so much to give I never hid the love
Tbat I wrote on the mirror got smeared
My friends think it changed for the better
But I say girl you changed my forever
Relationships can be as strange as the weather
Rain or sun we can sing this together


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