SHAWTY COME BACK 歌詞 Charlie Wilson ふりがな付

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  2. Charlie Wilson
よみ:しょーてぃー かむ ばっく


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Wow wow wow
My baby yeah shawty

Baby come back
I admit that I was wrong from the beginning
Yes and I did and you said that we forget it
But you in my ear asking who's that
Every time I leave up out the house
Girl you know I ma good dude
Nothing like cook food
I only messed up one time (one time)
And the other day when you was calling
Baby girl I promise
I was talking business on the other line (other line)

You my number one shawty yeah
You gotta believe it oh yeah
You the only one for me
And I can't believe that you would leave

Baby come back
Oh you know I need you here with me
Girl you know (you know)
I love every little thing about you
I know you messing with a good dude
Shawty come back oh yeah
You can put it all on me
I was wrong
And I can live without you oh oh
Shawty come back

Don't forget the big picture
Got a house and a car with ya
When your family start tripping
I was there for you girl
You girl only you girl
Do you remember that
Now I ain't afraid to say it
Girl I ain't playing
That I need you in my life
Uh huh okay okay that's right that's right
Oh yeah yeah



It wasn't me with Keisha
It wasn't me with Lisa
Shonda and Tamika, it wasn't them either
You know I love ya oh yeah
No one above you girl (no one above you girl)
Shawty come back

You know it wasn't Ronda
It wasn't me with Tasha
Sure it wasn't Katlyn
Tell me why they hatin' on me girl
You the only one for me girl


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曲名:SHAWTY COME BACK 歌手:Charlie Wilson