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Priceless 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
It feels like one of those songs you know
This is my dedication to that shorty from the ghetto
So priceless
You mean the world mmhmm listen

D★mn what a lucky man I am
I found someone who understands
She don't care what she gotta do to please her man
D★mn she makes me wanna raise my hands
Shout it out spread the word
Tellin' everyone I can
She's my only, girl and I'm her only man

D★mn you're priceless like a rare jewel (yeah, yeah)
You're perfect like a dream come true (yeah)
Girl why can't the world be a little bit more like you
Yeah and who says you can't find love
(I found the love) in the ghetto
Well I found it, and she works it, baby priceless
So priceless

D★mn shoppin' at the mall 10 grand
Another 20 on her finger and
I don't give a d★mn
'Cause a love like hers is priceless (yeah)
And I know it ain't never been a money thing
'Cause she love me even if I didn't have a thing
That's the kind of girl you are oooh, yeah
And she'll be my one concern
And I'll be the one for her forever
I got a love
I know just what a girl like that is worth
Ain't no price


I never had anyone that I wanted to share everything
with no
Till the day you came around
I knew you was the one for me
So with these karats on your hands
place to lay your hand
All it takes to make you smile
And I'm willin' to pay whatever comes
'Cause girl you're worth a brown


So priceless, so priceless, so priceless, so priceless
You're priceless like a rare jewel, so priceless
so priceless
(repeat w/adlib to fade out)

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曲名:Priceless 歌手:Joe