WHERE'S YOUR LOVE (FEAT. TINCHY STRYDER) 歌詞 Craig David,Tinchy Stryder ふりがな付

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  2. Craig David,Tinchy Stryder
よみ:ほうぇあず ゆあ らぶ (ふぃーちゃりんぐ. てぃんちぃ すとらいだー)


友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
Your love...Where's it gone, Where's it gone babe?

Now I know that we been trippin' for some time
It's been real hard, but I know
But why you playin'?
Trying to figure out
Why you've changed what's on your mind
But it seems, recently, that...

You're acting like it don't matter
(So I) call my boy Tinchy Stryder
(He said to me) maybe I should just move on
(With my life)
That I'd be so better off on my own

I could be, smoothed out
Checkin' all of the ladies
At this party
All out
But don't really wanna leave here

Without the fly-est hottie
Or wildin' out, with all of my crew
Laced up beside me
But I ain't bout to hurt nobody
Ain't bout to lose what we got

* So tell me
(Where's it gone? Where's it gone?)
For that old school feelin' again
(Where's your love? Where's your love?)
Where did we lose it all?
(Where's it gone? Where's it gone?)
Ain't about to hurt nobody
Ain't bout to lose what we got
(Where's your love? Where's your love?)

Pulling up to the club
Where all the ladies are waiting
I can see they look hot
Got me anticipating
And I'm not messin' around
Heading straight to the floor
And the DJ's got this crowd calling out for more

Feeling that bass pumping
Kind that makes you say ooh
When the DJs got you there's nothing you can do
'Cos I came to have a good time
Ease the stress off of my mind
If only we could rewind
And find this love girl we'd be fine

* Repeat (X2)

I'm just asking where's it gone, and what's this on
Come somebody tell me where's this from
Me, I've been around here from long

I can re -e- wind Craig David's song
Yo, don't let me get old skool
Take it back like an 8O's song
Bring it back remake this song
Don't run a thin line like a ladies thong
Been in this game long time with the man dem
That's why I can list em anthems
They sound harder, the beats sound darker
But I'm here to light up London
Yo, with 1 or 2 flos
I'm badding up 1 or 2 tracks they know
Tell me now I need to know
It's T to the I N C H Y
Take it back like p narminam
This time swear down big p's mana are on
Take it there like let's go there
Strydes and Craig how we sounding here
Where's it gone, Where's the love in the air
Love the bass hi hat and snare
I know you're down with the vibe, alright so...

* Repeat (X2)

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曲名:WHERE'S YOUR LOVE (FEAT. TINCHY STRYDER) 歌手:Craig David,Tinchy Stryder