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I wake up every morning, managers calling I'm still yawning
Get up wake up hair and make up's waiting you don't be stalling
This performance is important; I don't think I can put my all in
Hold on I was drunk last night now it's kicking in and I don't feel right
Gave my number to a ? who wasn't my type, now my phones on silent, I'm being polite
Private numbers get no love from me, just let me be

Oh my gosh my days are getting longer and theirs no turning back I'm working 9-5
Just to keep my contract did I say 9 I meant 1,30 I ain't no early birdy I'm working 9-5
See you gotta do some idents for Channel U channel who? Channel U the ones that made me huge, like Katie prices boobs
Whoops I am being rude
Where's my Red Bull and sandwich I need food!
I can't handle this I'm getting pissed like pampers throwing a tantrum

I'm not sure what day just started since my working week departed
Ever since our single charted this pursuits been ever lasting
I clocked in about a year ago and I haven't clocked out from the studio and videos and TV shows and staring out the window on the road
Although we sometimes don't get paid for these rampages I know that I won't get too jaded
I won't go back to the minimum wage

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曲名:NINE2FIVE 歌手:The Ordinary Boys