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Yep, yeah, hey
It's goin' g-goin' g-g-g goin' down
Justin Timberlake, (what) Timbaland (what)
Three 6 Ma-Ma-Mafia
Dirty South, (hey) Dirty South... this how we do, when we do
When we do what we do
What what...
Rock that shit what...

I know you see me lookin
Girl go on and act right
A little closer let me see you in the spot light
Now turn around and let me see just what you curve like
Go grab your friends and y'all could come to the back (Ohh)
Why don't you take a sip up on the champagne
Relax, (relax) take your coat off and let me get your name
I love that hour glass shape you got up on that frame
I like the way you talk your game, we might be one and the same
Now I know you got a buzz off that alcohol
I got a house that could entertain all a y'all
Maybe later on I'll give you a phone call

I'm 'bout to slide out but I'll get back at ya (Ohh)
And when I call, don't give me the run around
I ain't gonna have you try to play me like a silly clown
Don't second guess it girl, there ain't nothing to think about
Cause you got me feindin', but girl you don't hear me

Little lady, you got me just
Screwed up
Off of your melody
Little lady, c'mon and don't
Chop me up
Please don't make a fool of me
Little lady, you got me just
Screwed up
Off of your melody
Easy baby, c'mon girl don't
Chop me up
Please don't make a fool of me

VERSE 2 (Timbaland)
You're kind of cute, baby are you new in town
My name is Tim, a/k/a Thomas Crown
I heard you're lost, do you know your way around
If you got a problem, baby I can bold you down
I can be your navigator or your compass
Better yet a genie, baby, make your first wish
You the party, baby, I'm just the guest list
I think I need I need some Tylenol, you got me restless
So grab your friends let's take it back to my hive
Let's watch Sex In The City or Desperate Housewives
Simon says touch yours while you touch mine
Parental discretion is advised
Y'all can be the star in my freaky spot light
Studio 54 if we get the props right
All we need right now is a little bit, a little bit of act right
Y'all are acting shy but you act like you don't hear me


VERSE 3 (Three 6 Mafia)
See girl you stronger than the strongest drug I ever had
You could mix them all together you'd still be twice as bad
Cause you're the worst best girlfriend I ever had
Harder to kick than cigarettes and green bags
Harder to escape than jail cells and bills mailed
You had me locked since a bitty girl with pig tails

Like Michael Jackson, why you do me this way
Got me cryin' rivers like Timbaland and Timberlake

They call me Juicy J, straight up out the Three 6 Mafia
Ghetto fab player all these freaks, and I'm tryin' to holla at ya
Quit playin' games girl, you got my head spinnin 'round
I ain't gonna chirp your mobile phone and chase you all over
I just want to pick you up and take you to a wrestling match then
(Is it good, is it good)
And have a little smack fest
So if you never call me I'll be somewhere down in Tennessee
Washing away my sorrows in a cold cup of Hennessy


Hey hey hey hey
Screwed up
Hey hey hey hey
Chop me up
Hey hey bey
Screwed up
Off of your melody
Hey hey hey
Chop me up
Please don't make a fool of me

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曲名:CHOP ME UP 歌手:Justin Timberlake