SILENT GUN featuring Sheek 歌詞 Tiffany Villarreal,Sheek ふりがな付

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よみ:さいれんと がん ふぃーちゃりんぐ しーく

SILENT GUN featuring Sheek 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
Yeah, D-Block
Listen ma
Shiek looch ain't with da riff
Straight thug
I'm hearing that you like that Tiff
We act up like Busta
I stay with spliff

Trying to push the doors open
I forgot that they lift
Holla back if you trying to see the hood
And not from double decker bus
With me you good
Or we could fly up the block
On my bike real fast
While you singing in my ear
With your sexy ass

When I hoped on his rod
We zoomed down the highway
We hit the 405
We was switching through every lane
It's killing me this secret crush
When I think of us
Cuz you are so mysterious
See when you call my name
You make me feel like I'm so week inside
And when you're touching me
You make me feel like I'm just hypnotized
It's killing me

(You're like a silent gun)
I bet all the girls want to know your name
(Gun) you're cold as steel just ready to bang
(Gun) there's something bout you that's got me drawn
(Gun) cuz boy your like a silent gun...silent gun

When I look in his eyes
It's like speeding down a one way
Just show a sign
You can have the right away
Boy this bout to drive me nuts
This crazy crush
Cuz I am so so curious (yeah)
I hope he's wanting me
I can't lie I'm bout to loose control
I swear he's captured me
I wonder wonder if he even know
It's killing me

(You're like a silent gun)
I bet all the girls wanna know your name
(Gun) you're cold as steel just ready to bang
(Gun) there's something bout you thats got me drawn
(Gun) cuz boy you're like a silent gun

I see shorty checking me out
Peeping my game
That low asking her friends
What's my name
Rolling dice by the corner store
G's on the floor
We all packing like we leaving the tour
Black 7-4-5 scuffed up tims
23's I can sit on the lip a my rims
But I act like I don't see ya
But it's kinda hard
Cause shorty body is mamma mia
D-Block to the fullest baby
Straight thug
I'mma see if ya stiletto's can hold a 380
But I'm trying not to corrupt
This innocent child
But she's growing and she looking like
She ready will
Shit I pick her up
And put her on da back a my bike
Cops chasing us and all that
Is that what you like
If so let me know shit looch is with it
I be in the hoop this money I'm trying to get it
Lets go!

You're like a shadow, in the night
You move so swiftly, but out of sight
When I'm not looking
I bet you're watching me
Well if I'm your target
Then come after me
I said ooh

You're such a bad boy
I said I
Wanna be your naughty girl

Repeat hook to fade

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曲名:SILENT GUN featuring Sheek 歌手:Tiffany Villarreal,Sheek