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  2. Akon
  3. GANGSTA歌詞


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Alert, alert this is an upfront street bulletin
Coming live from FA
(You gangstas, you playas, you hustlas you pimps)
If you are a gangster and you confessing you kill a nigger on record
(You gangstas, you playas, you hustlas you pimps)
You a stupid mothafucker
(Gangsta, gangsta, gangsta)
This goes out to you fake gangsters
(You gangstas,you playas, you hustlas you pimps)
I see you nigger
(You gangstas, you playas, you hustlas you pimps)
Nigger we all see you

(You gangstas, you playas, you hustlas you pimps)
We working you mothafuckas
Gangsta, gangsta, gangsta

(Verse 1)
Don't make me
Nigger don't make me have to step up in the club with my dogs
show all you mothafuckas how we ball
Nigger don't make me show you how I can violate the law
Get your woman go up in the bar
Dog her to hold and love me
Why don't you show me?
(Look bitch you just a punk)
And that how she be
But niggers wanna hand of l.o.v.e
Steady claming like you are pimp
But would let her go free
Say that ain't gangster (Na nigger)
Niggers fronting like they hard
But I know they're pussy from the start
Man that ain't gangster (Na)
Still in the projects
But I spend hundred thousands on a car
I rather have a crib in Miami with a boat
Full of all my niggers on so we don't go broke
Yeah show them the ropes
Sticking together niggers try to cope
Any one step in the way will get chock

You gangsta, you playas, you hustlas, you pimps
You gangsta, you playas, you hustlas, you pimps
Gangsta, gangsta, gangsta
Don't make me pull out the other side in me
So I hear you think you gangsta huh
Oh you wanna be gangsta, gangsta, gangsta

(Verse 2)
Yeah fuck nigga!
I see you cutting your eyes when I stroll
I see you to spot flashing pulling them hoes
'Cause I'm a playa nigga like I supposed to be
And these hoes on the dick like they supposed to be
And you a sucker so you hate like you supposed to be
Won't you say get cha head cracked to the white meat
I try to keep it fly but these pussy nigga's test me
Breaking sweat to scrub a nigga ain't classy
Naw this really killing my pimpin'
I mean really really killing my pimpin'
Now look what you gone and made lceberg do
Call my boys and start down crew
And we will kick that ass nigga
And we will I said kick that ass nigga
So tell you hoe she can come to my place after she bond me
out for fucking up your face Soooo.....


(Verse 3)
It's a god damn shame Pickle head what you did to that man
I guess that pussy ass nigga thought I was playin'
I tried to tell him but he like fuck what you sayin'
Come to an understanding but he like fuck what you sayin'
Oh this pussy nigga flexing in front of these ho's and shit
Fo I swung on that nigga in his nose and shit
Oh you think I give a fuck you wit yo folk and shit
So I'm looking at the next man like step up bitch
'Cause if it's going down it's many rounds spitting from my chamber
Like David Banner you wouldn't like me when I'm angry
Restructure your whole grill don't make me have to change you
Into a stranger in danger

(Hook repeat)

(Over hook)
Yeah I see you gangstas,
All you fake ass gangstas
You got to haul nigger
Survive in the streets
Ask my niggas down in Right Street niggers
Ask my niggas in Reville
Ask my niggss down at Wilsh
Ask my niggas at Hartford nigger
Ask my niggas in Altos
All my real niggas Aha
Living life wit this shit
And you just want scream it out on a record nigga
You want respect you got to earn respect nigga
Work hard for what you get in life nigga
Fuck you punk nigga
Eat a dick and die slow
Now get the fuck out of my house

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曲名:GANGSTA 歌手:Akon