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友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
We are lovers through and through
And through we made it -through the storm
I really want you to realise

I really want to put you on
I've been searching for someone to satisfy my every need
Won't you be my inspiration
Be the real love that I need

* Real love
I'm searching for the real love
Someone to set my heart free
Real love
I'm searching for a real love

Oh when I met you
I just knew that you would take my heart and run
'Til you told me of your love for me
You said I'm not alone
So I slowly came to see all of the things that you were made of
And now I hope my dreams and inspirations lead me to what I feel

(Repeat with ad lib)

Love so true, and oh baby
I thought that love was you
(Thought your love was true)
I thought that you were the answer to the question in my mind
But it seems that I was wrong
It must be strong, maybe I'm falling for
Real love

So I tried my best and pray to God he'd send us someone real
To caress me and to guide me towards a love my heart can feel
Though I know I can be faithful
I can be your all in love
I'd take your good lovin' through the summertime
Winter spring and fall

(* Repeat with ad lib)

See I'm searching for a real love baby
And I don't know where to go
Ain't no problem girl, when I get low
It's seems I'd never know
I went looking for a real love cause
It seems they're not around
But I ended things way because
Things we can't refine

(* Repeat ad lib)

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曲名:REAL LOVE 歌手:Mary J Blige