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よみ:そー ほっと(にせんじゅうに いんぐりっしゅ ばーじょん.)

So Hot(2012 English ver.) 歌詞

Wonder Girls

2012.11.14 リリース
J.Y.Park'The Asiansoul'
J.Y.Park'The Asiansoul'
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I know you're looking at me why, why, why
Can't take your eyes off of me right ight ight
I know it's hard but but please,
You're embarrassing me
Can you pretend I'm not around ound ound
Each time I walk around the block ock ock
I feel the weight of people's stare are are
Everyone's head turns,
Following me around
Someone please tell me what to do
I'm so hot. I try to hide it but, Lim
I'm so fine. I just can't help it baby SoHee
I'm so cool. Somebody help me SunYe
I'm so so so hot hot.
I know I should be getting used it by now
All this attention coming from the crowd owd
I know they watch me
I know they want me
And I know it's not gonna change ange ange
Why can't I live a normal life ife ife
A life just like a normal girl irl irl
Mommy why did you make me so special
It's not so easy to be hot hot hot
Anytime anywhere I go, I can never run away from the white spotlight
They'll never leave me alone no matter what time it is, day or night
How old do I gotta be till they don't want me no more Drew Berrymore tell me
Try to run but I just can't hide. Started in Asia now worldwide
Everyone loves me, try to get to know me
What can I do oh no~ please leave me alone
Other boys will loving me, girls be hating me
They'll never stop, 'cause they know I'm so hot hot

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曲名:So Hot(2012 English ver.) 歌手:Wonder Girls