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よみ:Reach for the sky

Reach for the sky 歌詞


2002.12.4 リリース
Aika Ohno
  • 試聴
  • お気に入り登録
友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
Live for tomorrow, get closer to the dreams you follow
If only we, could all think that way
The time we spend so, so foolishly we play, we let go
Things you need to find happy days

And the things you're hiding, feelings still reminding
You can fly up to clouds above

Reach for the golden ring
Reach for the sky
Take in everything, feel the sun it sings
It's light shines the hills so fine
Laugh a loud and sing your song
Only then you'll know, of the true hope
Within you all along

I see myself, I'm shaken so, I don't know how
I ever found my way close to you
Searched so long, I learned the myths of right and wrong
And I'll keep on, until I'm with you

And one day we'll be, hand in hand together
Straight ahead we walk with heads up high

Reach for the golden ring
Reach for the sky
Set your heart free, maybe then you'll feel
The wind blow the hills of green
Now I laugh a loud and sing my song
High above I see, all the hope I need
Was in me all along

Everyday, every night

Reach for the sky
Hey, you'll never know unless you try, you try
To catch your dreams, gotta make it true, make it real

And all the sorrow, tell it goodbye, live for tomorrow
Please always be, always be right by my side

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曲名:Reach for the sky 歌手:大野愛果