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Easy Game 歌詞


2002.12.4 リリース
Aika Ohno
  • 試聴
  • お気に入り登録
友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
So tired of plastic promises, yeah You know that it's almost a crime

And loneliness only happens when you're alone and you've given up
And the seasons keep passing by, driving you out of your mind

Easy game, began so playfully in the breeze
If you chase me so, I'll run, I'll go, I'll fly away, I'll never play again
Seems no way, this endless game will finish today
Kept on bugging you, the whole day through
Until the night just like those childhood days

Feel like a cactus in the sand, yeah Don't need much water to survive

Open the door to lover's despair, making thorns fall off of the rose
But I still can't give up on you, not 'till we finish the game

Easy game, we can play the game every time
'Cause I like you so, I hate you more, give me sweet hallucination babe
Numbers, time, don't want to worry 'bout all the lies
Want to be with you, and feel it true, be a kid and throw my cares away

And every time I know, my weakness I feel irritation I can't hide
Time will tell We were a child

Easy game, began so playfully in the breeze
Please don't follow me, oh can't you see?
Don't want you close, or far away from me
In this game it's not all your decision to make
But no matter when, I've always been,
right here waiting for you to come and play

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曲名:Easy Game 歌手:大野愛果