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fall apart again 歌詞


2002.1.17 リリース
Aika Ohno
  • 試聴
  • お気に入り登録
友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
"Call my name," someone calls out to me
In deep dark sadness, I can't see
Your soft white skin, is all now that glows
Pierces through to the base of my soul

Now I can't tell, what is black from white
Is it out of style, love of this kind?
And we just wait here, the whole day through
For morning light to come, is it all we can do?

So if tomorrow you should fall apart once again
Even so, I could never run away when
The only thing in the world that can heal me now
Is seeing your smiling face

Lonely heart, can't stand it no more
Feels like it still beats, but a hole's been torn
Can't hold back, something irritates me so
Why is it that you couldn't let me know?

When we first met, you often used to say
"I'll never forget love of yesterdays"
You hid the truth from me, with that face I love
Is there no hope for me now, without help from above?

So if tomorrow you should fall apart once again
Fear of losing you will hit me harder then
The fear of anything else, because my first love
You will always be inside me

So if tomorrow you should fall apart once again
Then I'll know you will no longer be with me when
My heart feels once again, and still I'll feel
You'll be right here walking with me

The spirit of you in my dreams

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曲名:fall apart again 歌手:大野愛果