1. Good night歌詞

「Good night」の歌詞 元気ロケッツ

2011/9/7 リリース
Tetsuya Mizuguchi,Kenji Tamai,Kaori Fukano
Yoichiro Nomura
Darkness surrounds the air
Silence leads you to distance somewhere
You can see where the sun meets full moon
Mirror vision of our lights

Can you feel us drifting and see the moonlight
In your eyes reflecting
All the hopes and wishes in shooting future
I look from above, see you cry

I look at your star shining so bright
Believe in you so baby
Don't you cry
Believe tonight

Hiding from the sunlight we over flow
I'll find you wherever you may go
We're in visionary minds
Release all thoughts and pain just feel
everything move around you
Sleep in harmony, in peace