2006/12/29 リリース
(Verse 1)
Oh Oh
Don't make me call the police
Oh Oh
It's a crime the way you bend them knees
From the table to the floor
Speed it up and do it slow
Give it up to all my niggas on the corner spending dough like
Ain't nothing but money to me
So sweet but you ain't nothing but honey's to me
Shorty this your sexy day
Sipping on Covosie'
Styling up in the VIP
Planning to roll out with me
Knowing that she's gonna come back
As if she's a boomerang yeah

You know that she'll never want to come back
So I add her to my hall of fame yeah
Bet your man can't do it like this
Tell the truth girl
Bet your man can't do it like this
It's all on you girl

Come on
When the time's right
I'd like to come over
And get to know ya
Try to get closer
Come on
When the time's right
I'd like to come over
And work you over
Across your sofa
Come on
Is it okay if I come over
Come on
That way I can get to know ya
Come on
Let me get a little closer
Come on
Do you all over your sofa

(Verse 2)
When I walk in the club where all the babies are so fly
Got to work that body so beautifully make you want to cry
They like to do whatever that's no lie
Got a nigga getting bigger make me want to slide
Under my apple tree
Better yet you on top of me
Switch it over let me bust it over your anatomy
You're so sexy
Got to punish you in the first degree
Ain't not stopping the body rocking until we fall asleep


(Verse 3)
I can tell by the way you act so hard you like my type of nigga
Betta bang in the back of the jeep and put a puncture in your liver
I can tell by the way you act so soft you like my type of nigga
Got to get romantic bitch and make love to you by the river
Put the wine glass to go with your fine ass
I can make that shine last if I make you mine fast
Gotta keep my door unlock to put you onto my staff
Let me be your teacher baby girl 'cause you're in the wrong class


Hey hey hey
So tell me what the dealy girl
Hey hey hey
When I get to go inside your world
Hey hey hey
Remember there is no rush girl
Hey hey hey
Got to get you and some ass girl

Come on, come on, come on, come on.........