1. Disconnected歌詞

「Disconnected」の歌詞 Rancid

2009/6/3 リリース
where's my girl where has gone
she once was beautiful and innocent
i can't believe in what she says
i look at her and she looked the other way

disconnected from feeling alright
disconnected and it ain't black and the white
disconnected there's a sword through the dove
disconnected from the country i love

i remember you when you were young and strong
in your summer dress and your legs so long
my memories are only for me
i prefer them to reality

you think it was over
but you better think again
neither grace nor sweetness
just malicious intent
it's you and me baby
so we better watch our back
'cause if we are standing together we ain't never gonna crack
and we took the greyhound into the night
with the city on the left and the country on the right
i knew when i saw you
i read it in your eyes
i heard your voiced break
when you were trying not to die