「That's Just The Way It Is Now」の歌詞 Rancid

2009/6/3 リリース
car lights flash my eyes
blinded hypnotized lord knows i'm livin'
and i'm never comin' back now
one generation dies
next one wins the prize
and that's the big surprise
there's demise in all of their lies
it's never to late to realize

that's just the way things are
that's just the way it is now

i walk through the cemetery
it's all empty now
i put a rose on the grave of a fallen hero
and i look out into the wild
all i see is emptiness
so much loneliness
i just want forgiveness

when dreams fade away it won't be long
end up singing the same old song

what went right what went wrong
bad times here good times gone
first rule they always sell
second rule never tell
third rule straight to hell
white color criminals livin' in jail

it's all that they gave
soldiers just sold to get pain
but you end up in the early grave
your own neck you can't save
it's a letter that you can't send
it's a wound that will never mend

pain level peaks at ten
some stand out some stand in