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よみ:くろーす とぅ みー


友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
Unstoppable, incredible, impeccable
It's, it's the Unit

You know how we do it
I make you dance to it
Throw up your hands to it
Come on

(Chorus - Lloyd Banks)
Girl what's it gon take to have you close to me
Right by my sideways close to me
This stuntin' on it's you, you really noticed me
And you can have it all free of charge
I know you like European cars
Take, take a look in my garage
Make, make out we can have menage
We eat in the middle when your legs to the side

(Verse 1 - 50 Cent)
I got that Bentley, Ferrari, the Lambo-lean
My car game crazy, I can't be seen
The Aston, Bugatti, the Range and the Rove's
Got me freakin' out with some high-class hoes
You know with me man anything goes
That have shawty in the telly workin' all three hoes
Jesus I bet you won't believe this
Unless I let you see this you did throat my own car
Now I'm thinkin' this bitch is so hot
I gotta take her to my hood let her blow my whole block
I just happened to be what she like
She's somethin special, I'm like yeah baby you're right
Alil goose, alil patrone tonight
I had the club lookin' like a f**kin' zoo, aiiight
New music, you can't confuse it
With the other clicks or crews
It's the Unit


(Verse 2 - Lloyd Banks)
Shawty came over, I told her I'd come over
Turn her to a rider, rollin' with a roll-up
Hold her like a cobra, bone her til she sober
Fold her in positions til she's hot up bent over
I'm a very special guy, I can't let you shine
His rap is out the mind, don't compare me to Guy
Take a look at my design, my Louis fittin' fine
My jewelry might blind, I'ma break a white nine
You can't get on my level, that'll take a lifetime
And I got it at 25, take your lifetime
I don't care about crime as long as it's not mine
I'ma be fine, you stronger than white wine
If your girl ain't home til early mornin'
She's probly with the G-Unit gettin' it on
I told her she's Miss Right, so it can't be wrong
And we went at it all night long


(Verse 3 - Tony Yayo)
Who want it here, baby girl off the Richter
But I ain't trippin', I ain't Eliot Spitzer
Shake that ass, drop it low like a stripper
Shake that ass, drop it low like a stripper
I'm gon love her again on them drugs again
Same clothes, same spot, same girls again
Girls comin' in, and we poppin' em bottles
By 12 o'clock, we be poppin' them models
Yeah, "Falsetto", the club go crazy
Like "Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Baby!"
Okay, bottle of Rosaaay
And yall see the portion of brand like heeey!
Girl jump in, watch me go zero to 60
Take you to the rich lotto if you miss '60's
I know you heard of 50, I know you heard of Yay'
I Steve-Nash these hoes, pass 'em all day


It's easy, man
Belive me, man
This is the Unit
This is how we do it
Banks, Yay', 50

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曲名:CLOSE TO ME 歌手:G-Unit