YOU SO TOUGH 歌詞 G-Unit ふりがな付

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  2. G-Unit
よみ:ゆー そー たふ


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Nig** you so tough
Tough until your heart beat stop, the tre-pound pop
Your artery shut, you bleed and you shot
Get in the pine box, damn he's a hard muthaf**ker
You so tough
Tough until your punk ass hit, the fo-fifth kick
The head plat spill, you in deep shit
Oh now your ass sick, you're supposed to be hard muthaf**ker

(Verse 1 - Lloyd Banks)
Bury all your hatin' cuz hatred is a barrier
Learn not to talk tough, tuck your cellular
F**k gettin' beef, the president or the senator, there is no peace
You the prey or the predator
Why you plottin' on me, I'm 10 steps ahead of ya
Black .40 caliber, I'll put a infrared on ya
Nig** I'm special, you mad cuz you're regular
Man I don't want your bitch, I damn near remember her
Refresh my memory, oh yeah, I slept wit her
No wonder she ain't mentioned you when I met wit her
Mind on my cheddar, they'll remember me forever
The grind look I put in and my lifestyle better and better
I'm like the f**kin' street, bright in the Phantom lights
Montana lights, two women, and my hand is ice
I ran the planet twice, but I don't forget where I come from
Don't, don't, you gettin' it again tonight


(Verse 2 - Tony Yayo)
For that china white, I'll lay her nig** mama down
We can shoot it out like Frank White did in Chinatown
You know I got that hard white, you know I got that tinted brown
Automatic tre-pound leave a nig** man down
Murda, murda, homicide, real right nig**s ride
Gangstas ain't never high, thank God I'm still alive
My pocket look like this cracks on me
My waist look like I got the mac on me
These hoes on my dick I got that ass on me
You an R.N., regular nig** that rap homie
I'm crack homie, I'm dope money
I wake up and wipe my ass with coke money
See bag, Maybach, my shit two-tone
Nig** run up on that, your ass is tomb-stoned
I'm hood like a group home, ghetto like a pay phone
Jake's the snake, I'm low in the hood from him


(Verse 3 - 50 Cent)
I got a knife for a tough nig**, nine for a hard nig**
Don't make me empty the chamber
Even if I'm locked in a cell block and fallin' a shell-shock
When I open your head with a banger
I cause a riot in the yard, make a mess in the met hall
I got just blew trial and I ain't got nuttin left guard
What's today's mathematics, shit ain't addin' up
Gettin' out with 10 machine guns, only get 12 months
Oooweee, don't talk to me
If you talk to him, you talkin to them
I got the best lawyers money could buy
They said they woulda got me 10 or maybe 9
I said "How do you explain how the homie breezed?"
They said "Kepp your mouth shut, or you eat the cheese"


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曲名:YOU SO TOUGH 歌手:G-Unit