READY OR NOT 歌詞 G-Unit ふりがな付

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  2. G-Unit
よみ:れでぃ おあ のっと



2008.6.27 リリース
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(Verse 1 - Lloyd Banks)
My wrists both freezy, dope on the T.V.
Ecstasy especially out the GT
You next to me, best to be holdin' somethin' too
At least you can save,less some flowers or somethin' flew
Cuz you nig**s get hit in the Cordeo Loyal
"I'm trynna sue you," that's a bitch nig** for you
I'm tough like my yoga, I'm De La Hoya
I saw ya, man ni**s stack nines for that cola
Colder zips in my shit home post slims
Em got fourteen carats carats and gold rims
While sayin' somethin' bout my name
Don't jump out the window, save for jumpin' out a plane
I can't ditch my bitch, there's somethin' bout her brain
And if she put her mind to it, she can suck out a vein
You don't want a lead-shower, stay f**k out the rain
There's so much ammo, nig**s don't gotta aim

(Chorus - Lloyd Banks)
You gon get in the mornin', there's no heads-up and it's on
Here comes, ready or not
Don't be out there snorin', one eye blink and you're gone
Keep it cocked, you're ready to pop
The man makes no mistakes, spitted on since the day I was born
Stop, drop, now get it ready or not
I'm known in Hip-Hop but I'm still ridin' out with my chrome
Here comes, ready or not

(Verse 2 - Tony Yayo)
Yeah, yeah
My little shooter 16 from the projects
Glock 16 with the Napoleon complex
I'm in and out the projects, my lifestyle pleasant
Do you live life like a barbaric peasant
Me without my gun in the streets is like a Muslim eatin' pig feet
F**k them pigs on the street
They all wanna off a nig**
And when these rappers get shot
Then gangstas they turn into corporate nig**s
You die if it's ready to die
If it's PG-13, you leave with a scar
R.I.P. to Troy and Bags, big shout to Hot Mo'
They got official money cuz, buy me those polos
These model hoes swallow, I buy another bottle
But it's M.O.B. nig**, that's my motto
These rappers ain't kings they pawns
And got dust bunnies on they guns


(Verse 3 - Lloyd Banks)
I think God spent alil extra time on me
Pop in the miracle seed my mama ain't seen
I got a high intelligence level, I ain't no dummy
I ain't satisfied with 10 mil, it ain't no money
My talents blood thick, they can't take it from me
And my sense of humor shot, I don't take jokes funny
My paranoia roles with my bullet holes givin' me a third eye
My folks got mad cuz they ain't full of those
The hiphop cops follow my Suburban
Hopin' they can find a pistol on him when they searchin'
I'm icier in person, they like me when I'm cursin'
So here's a dirty version, you only heard me urban
If nig**s try to hurt em, I squirt em
Right thru your curtain, don't stop til you murk em
Mechanical work and heckler handle jerk and
That'll prove the gator after you heavenly church em


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