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よみ:きてぃ きゃっと


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My Polo on (check!)
My Dolce on (check!)
It's my crew and Polow Da Don
I get that Kitty Ma, I get that cash rule
Shake the kitty girl, shake that ass on

Oww I need cash for my Kitty Kat
Oww I need cash for my Kitty Kat
Oww I need cash for my Kitty Kat
Well girl I get pussy for free, I'm hittin' that
Oww I need cash for my Kitty Kat
Oww I need cash for my Kitty Kat
Oww I need cash for my Kitty Kat
Well bitch I get pussy for free, I'm hittin' that

(Verse 1 - Tony Yayo)
Big boy Bentley, Big boy semi
Nig**s wanna kill me, ain't worth nig** pennies
I drop the bag off, and the goons will spray you
I need six pockets like a pool table
These hoes love me, these hoes love my pimpin'
They in the Phantom clickin' on the cable vision
Dope, I got the Chef Boya D Bag
Coke, I got to run in out the rehab
Ho's like "Why he actin' so Hollywood?"
Cuz he's a chauffer in his 300 (Chrysler) Hollywood
I'm hot, no ghostwriter for the mic
Basically the Hollywood writer off strike


(Verse 2 - 50 Cent)
I got what I want
She got what I need
She rollin' my blunt
Bitch hand me my weed
I'm so ghetto, I'm so, I'm so ghetto
On the low, I fix, I moves with my medal
I beast in the club with my burner like whaaat!
I done did so much dirt, I ain't trynna get caught
I'm a bad boy the bad boy they won't f**k with
They like the black on black rims on the candy truck
Then I make the hard white flip nig**s see us get rich
My jewel's so sick they talk to a bitch like
"Ya dig, ya diiig"
You and your friend, he's sold ten mil twice, he finna do it again
All aboard, bitch, don't miss the train
50 that nig**, f**k ridin' with your brain, huh


(Verse 3 - Lloyd Banks)
I don't pay for a kitten, are you kiddin'
Well it's the KID A.K.A. "In And Out Your Sister's Crib"
"Mr. So Fly", I own Adidas stores
My car game they fly, you got eagle doors
Before you see me off, you see hell freeze
You got a V-12, I got 12 V's
There's only so many months, you do the math
I'm a smoker, there's so many blunts for you to pass on me
You goin' crazy on the beat beat rollin'
And your mouth will be foamin' if I keep keep goin'
You might see me frozen cuz I hold em and I done told em
If your game can't control em, she's as good as stolen


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