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よみ:げっと だうん


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I run the show
No if and's but's about it
We fall off, listen homeboy I doubt it
Me, I gets down, I get down (down...)
I get down (down...)
I get down (down...)
I get down (down...)

(Verse 1 - 50 Cent)
I spit it how I live it, man they love it when I talk shit
Not 3, not 2, I'm No.1 on the chart
Bitch, drummer get to poppin' when I don't even start shit
I turn around and there's only two shells up in the cartridge
My homies dem out, my homies dem out
Find out what they bout when the guns come out
I got a shitty attitude cuz I come from the bullshit
Got the armor on me now nig** front on my polos

(Verse 2 - Tony Yayo)
In the hood, you rat you die
In the hood, if you rap you die
I'm out the hood, gettin fat and high
Private jet, it's time to fly
Got my rollie with the veggie gettin' head in Dubai
And my wolves come out when the moon comes up
Before we take a hit, roll that moon up
Hydro and hash take me to the moon alleys
I got it bad aim but the friends on the rat


(Verse 3 - 50 Cent)
If you ever look at my Gallardo from Murcielago
I race in my driveway, muthaf**k the highway
Nig**s talk money, just not around me
I get the cheddar, ask Swizz, Obama, Shanti
Like everything means nothing
Cuz it really means nothing
I'm not what you're used to I'm really not frontin'
Tell these shawties I ain't got time to talk I'm trickin'
I want what I want and what I want I'm gettin'

(Verse 4 - Lloyd Banks)
40 thou earlobe, .40 cal gripper
That'll make a girl bout the green mount nig**
In the street rapper, industry bully
It's cold, tee's turn the rest of piece in hoodies
I gets em out, my chicks can't stand
I swim in dime pussy, piss Rosay
Unit rider, my click don't play
I got a pocket full of green and my wrists all gleam


(Verse 5 - 50 Cent)
You know god bless the child with so much swag
Know what I'm supposed to do with all this cash
She's blessed too she got all that ass
Shakin' and then wiggle til a skinny bitch mad
These nig**s ain't hot like we
They don't know how to rock a spot like me
Smell like I just got out of a brand new V
My back game special up in the Bentley seats
Work with me lil mama, let's get it
Wanna take it down to the flo', shawty I'm greedy
I'm on that shit, we on that shit, I ain't on the rubber grip
Naw nig** don't trip


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曲名:GET DOWN 歌手:G-Unit