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よみ:どんと びー あふれいど

Don't Be Afraid 歌詞

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I don't mean to bother you
I see you with your girlfriends
Wanna know if you got any plans for the weekend
Can I pick you up around seven
You let me know when
That's when she said she gotta man
I don't see no ring on your finger
So what you sayin'
Why your girls lookin' at you so crazy
C'mon stop playin'
If it's not too much
Can I at least know what your name is
Girl why you tellin' me you can't

★Don't be afraid to fall in love
Cause I don't believe in givin' up
Please give me a chance to earn your trust
Cause I know I can be everything that you need
Don't be afraid to fall in love
And don't ever say that it's just too much
Cause you never know I could be the one
Girl we're not all the same
Baby don't be afraid to love

You say that every man is lookin' for just one thing
You say they love you but they really don't know what it means
How can you think that way when you know nothin' bout me
I say you're runnin' away
I'll buy you nice things that I cannot pronounce
And if you let me love you baby I will turn you out
I'll stay committed and I promise I will be around
Your life will not be the same no...


(If you try)
It's not a waste of time
(You will find)
That love is what you need in your life
(Just let go)
Nobody's gonna hurt you
(Don't say no)
Tell me what I need to do
To make you see that you don't have to be that way
Just don't be afraid


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曲名:Don't Be Afraid 歌手:ELLIOTT YAMIN