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When I'm Gone 歌詞


2009.5.20 リリース
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★You gonna miss me when I'm gone
Long as you keep on acting up
Taking me for granted damn it
Like I'm a always be around
That's not going down
You gonna miss me when I'm gone
Long as you keep on acting up
And I promise that you will never
Find another that'll treat you the way I do
You gonna miss me when I'm gone

It's always about you and what you need never mind me
And no matter how much I put in I will never be
Good enough for you I think I'm gone have to cut you loose
Uh complaining, whining, and crying bout this and that girl
What more do you want from me I done gave you the world
But no more bread for you shed no more tears for you
I'm good on loving you I'm throwing up the deuce


Girl what you crying for
I thought you wanted me gone
Keep looking at the door
Thinking I'm coming in
But my home ain't here no more
(Get use to it)
What's mine's no longer yours hey
My number lose it
You still look confused
It's plain as day
Find you another cat to play with
Said your apologies and back up off of me
Think that your boy won't leave
I'll make you a believer


See for a minute I was thinking it's me
Keep me guessing girl I'm stressing baby
The way you got my mind keep sending me all the signs
When damn it you know I'm trying
To be a better man for you
Steady bending over backwards trying to make it right
But you can say good-bye to that for now on girl
You can wipe your own tears
I hope I make it clear
You gonna look up I'll be gone
So chill out or move on with your life
Don't know what else it is you want me to do
Or how many ways I can say it to you
When I want to talk you ain't got nothing to say
But you be acting surprised it I ask for
My filthy face, so no more

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曲名:When I'm Gone 歌手:ELLIOTT YAMIN