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ON & ON 歌詞

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I got one question
Is he still around
Been a lil' while now is he still in style
I he still rocking Canterbury apparel
Is it all good when will bury the smile
Is he still waiting round for that applaud?
Is he still waiting round for that award?
Last year I saw him in an Accord
This year it's some shit he can't afford
Has he gone poor?
He said he's on tour
Do he really be shutting down all stores
Where's the next one cause we want more
But what the hell are they looking for
What the hell are they looking for?
So here's a lil' dose of what's in store
Is that a new song and what's that called
I'm a submit that's some shit he's on

On and on and on an on an on an
I go
On and on and on an on an on an
Lights go
On and on and on an on an on an
They go
On and on a on and on
On clap, on clap, on clap, on clap

He was conscious when he first spit
But now he on that commercial shit
Talking bout bread every verse he gets
Talking bout head every verse he spits
But that ain't him man
That ain't Mims man
Flow Picasso
I rap so Rembrandt
Touch the stars cause the skies no limit
Got to much heart
I ain't no tin man
Look I'm just trying blow up like implants
Since two years old I had big plans
To enhance everything I touch
Cause even when I got it man
It just ain't enough

Now while she over there looking at me
Ya'll be over there looking at me
It could be whatever its gon be
But see truthfully the beefing ain't for
Now, I ain't saying I'm scared of niggas
But I'm just trying do my thing
I don't care for niggas
Street killers
Talk heat killers
But when I'm getting my award
You is a seat filler
Old heads is like you deep nigga
What your circle
Just know where you should keep these niggas
So I keep killers on payroll
And when it pops off I trust they go

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