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2009.4.6 リリース
  • お気に入り登録
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I am Man for success I am built
Cut from the best cloth like I am Silk
And my wealth is express in the form of filth
Now that's a statement filled with irony
Filthy meaning covered with, Rich my Society
Turn my back on real shit, this has acquired me
Cars, Cribs, Chains finer things to entirety
When society, sometimes relies on me!
Now poor people got they eye on me!
Money Power Respect, Creates tyranny
What a tyrant I've been! I agree!
Conscience burning me like over 99 degrees!
But I love the way that coupe sit
And I love the way these thousand dollars shoes fit
Man I fought to get this fortress
In my unfortunate past as an orphan
Often leaves people Like Awesome
Now you got the power like Austin
If Mims could reverse the curse like Boston
Then maybe we can mentally be his offspring
That's why being a rapper is so exhausting
When you include all of the BS you get caught up in
All the rumors in media you get brought up in
Peep the life of a Man in full tilt
And the best word to describe
If you ask, no lie!
I Feel Guilt!

Now ya Enemy's is looking like
Something must be cooking right
So ever since I gain weight
I gotta keep my aim straight
And I ain't in the same place, been a year in business
My old game face
You're staring at the mirror image
I got a years advantage
And still they manage to talk
But the best has yet to come like I'm Tony Bennett
Larger then skyscrapers
But I'm the only tenant
I break records on the daily won't you call me Guinness
Leeches they watch you come across as friendly too
Then they back-stab you... cause that's what envy do!
But I look fly up in that Bentley Coupe? Don't I?
Screaming out the roof telling bitches Toma
They say success breeds all types of snakes so
Just cause I'm guilty don't think I'm ungrateful
They say you get what you pray for
So in return I should enjoy what I paid for!
(But Still I Feel Guilt)

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