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よみ:きゃんと うぉーく あうぇい

Can't Walk Away 歌詞

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Just when I'm saying whatever please leave
We're right together
But just now see boy I Know better Oh Oh
One week ago we losing our temper
I'm out saying forget you
But I can't keep moving and let you go

*I-I- I can't walk away from you when I say we're through
I don't know how you do me the way you do
I wish that I never met you, cause I can't walk away from you
When I say we're through
Don't know how I'm so damn in love with you
I can't walk away from you

How many times did you say sorry?
Just to turn around and say you don't want me
Flip it back back and spend the night calling Oh Oh Oh
Sometimes gotta be a fool to think you keep him closer
Every time we're cool you tell me that it's over
And you're playing games and even though I'm so tired


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曲名:Can't Walk Away 歌手:Tiffany Evans