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Lay Back & Chill 歌詞

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Breezy I keep it
Don't need stress no more
Last one he lost
Was messin' up my flow
Steady hand-cuffin' frontin' and stuntin'
Was talkin' loud, but he wasn't sayin nothing
Cuz we're together own me, whateva
Too young to be locked-down now

He took a lost, cut him off when I found that out
I couldn't have that (Oh no, wasn't for me...)
Just wanna lay back (So I shook it you see)

*I'm looking for someone
Who don't bring no stress to me
I wanna have some fun
That is all that I need
Click, click, click, click
If you really wanna turn me on
Click, click, click, click
Lay back chill and be free

**If u wanna get wit me
Baby this is how we gotta be
(Lay back...lay back chill and be free)
Uh huh, Uh huh if u wanna get wit me baby this is how we gotta be
(Lay back... lay back chill and be free)

We met I caught the fever
No drama, yeah me neither
And when we touched, felt the crush
Right then, knew I need ya
I've got somebody think the way I does
Yeah that's the reason I got so caught-up
That's even better
So glad I met cha
So much in common, perfect timing now
He's all mine and...
Aint nothing serious
See we just kick, both of us
Have fun, and we just live it up
Until we get enough and then we lay back



Lay back
I'll be ya baby
Have a fun conversation all day
Love how your patient with me
Last boy tried to get wit me
Kept acting all crazy, wasn't what I need
He'd call me, ask where I'm at I said no
Ain't having that
So I dumped him, no hesitation
That's when I met you
You came and saved me
I can see us together
Yeah like forever, life with you and me
But for right now we just keep it lay back and chill

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曲名:Lay Back & Chill 歌手:Tiffany Evans