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よみ:びっぐ してぃ

Big City 歌詞

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The party's the fashion the playboy mansion
Smashin the McLaren or back of the black phantom
whenever in the city its lights cameras action
Streets know about her there's no need to ask em
The moonlight got control of me top back how its spouse to be
Hittin sunset hit Le Domefor a few but I ain't done yet the nights just begun and I ain't done yet
Sh*t don't know where to begin float in the Benz let my hair blow in the wind
Might attract me a brand new friend (hope his money right$$) we was just bumper to bumper guess he caught the light
Flashing light the city Is big this ain't a movie this how we live(2x)!!

Day-dreamer, night-worker, flashy clothes, big spender
Rims shining, street sparkle, paper chaser, dice roller
Bright lights, Big City, Big City X2

Its so funny how we all getting' money
Day in day out rain or sunny
Stay stuntin' I was made for this bright lights on the Vegas strip
It's so funny what they do for chips
Hit the club watch the ladies strip
(Get ya money girl) big city but a real small world see me in the streets like that's that girl
I'm fresh to death diamonds on my chest
Better than the rest this is life on the west
I'm big spending I keep gettin money
These vv stones I spent g's on honey
Shop for linin my chrome keep spinning laughing to the bank know that means I'm winning
I'm sexin the city now that means I'm sinnin
At club Tao or Prive yup I'm up in it


Uuh u can't my shine nope nope u can't stop our grind
Read out the blimp say the world is mine
My futures real bright but this my time
From New York Miami DC to Chi town the A to VA then back to my town
(Uuh) that's the city of angels city of danger yeah we can tell u a stranger
Hope on a plane fly to Japan Singapore on tour then to Amsterdam
The UK for a day hop in the air yo red eye flight to Rio de Janeiro
No tellin where you'll find me chillin with my goons behind me
Six star pimp suites in the lobby
they ain't never seen nights like this
Bright lights like this it all started like this



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曲名:Big City 歌手:Ak'sent