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よみ:ゆー そー はりうっど

U So Hollywood 歌詞

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Everybody rap errybody sang errybody got a hundred thousand on a chain errybody
Wanna fly private on a plane but b*tch imma mack and where far from the same yeah
I'm everywhere you are never there in the freshes gear exclusive shit you'll
Never wear I'm in my vehicle the one you never seen before doors go up in the
Air like all the trees I blow see ya lane is slow my lane is go past the limit I
Way pass the limit tough what you bousy for you so Hollywood you ain't gettin paper like you wish you could

I'm gettin paper(yeah ok) I'm gettin paper I'm gettin paper (yeah I heard it before) X2
Why you keep talking and you ain't sayin nothnin you jus keep sleep walking and you ain't movin nothin naw get on you can keep keep talking now get on you need to keep sleep walking

Look look look errywhere I go errybody acting funny like errybody bousy
Errybody gettin money when I seen her at the club she was tryna look fly talking bout (I'm VIP) well why u standing in the line girl you need to stop talking bout
You gettin guap spent your whole paycheck on that outfit you bought know you all up on the scene wondering why nobody speaking got your hair and nails done but you at the bar leaching girl same broad from last weekend never valet your car cause your brakes prolly squeaking girl


Now you know I had to save the best verse for the last all y'all dudes flashing cash thinkin you gone get some ass go and take y'all little money go put it in ya stash you spending to fast and you need to make it last yeah ya gear game something like last year is that ya car with the expired tags yeah what u bousy for you so Hollywood you ain't gettin paper like you wish you could


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曲名:U So Hollywood 歌手:Ak'sent