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よみ:たいむ おぶ ゆあ そんぐ

Time Of Your Song 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
The world is moving to the song I hear
Who's that singing, wind is rushing in my ear
My gushing memories almost lost everything
Felony them fellows running in the dream
We were in the car and the kids were driving

Saw myself in the highlands at age thirteen
And I'm asking questions to the present day me
Moving backwards down the hill see we were coasting

Moonlight illuminate my night
And by day sunrays make the people say
In a vision something's missing so they're screaming out loud
Keep my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds
I'm the arrow you're my bow
Shoot me forth and I will go
And I go and I go
And I go get up and go
Made a deal
Its for real
Tell me what you know

I don't mean to glorify
Ate the apple off the tree
And tried to lie
In the garden
Hollering that's when I started to sing
Death brings life to certain things
Classrooms not for me
Sun setting autumn breeze
Sound is moving like a chorus
Keep hearing that melody
Check the radio, but there's nothing playing
Check the radio again but there's nothing playing

Swing low sweet chariot of flames
Change my name?
No! it was always the same
Funny what you find when
When you climb
Check the radio again and all that shines is the time
My line's will make your mind work overtime
But along the line you'll have to pay for the crime
Things slowed down press turbo too soon
Vroom vroom them want to take off to the moon
But you might get caught in the temple of doom

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曲名:Time Of Your Song 歌手:Matisyahu