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Indestructible 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
Fear nobody but His majesty
My spirit
You retrieve
For you I wait
It seems that you believe in me

Digging through the rubble
We don't need no more trouble
Double hub telescope vision
Hut hut blitzing like I'm running amok
Up on the rhythm

Stay on the path so you don't lose the vision
Stay sizzling
Pitter patter from my prayers
Drips like drizzle from the ceiling
Feeling it, you're breathing it
You put on your glasses and see through it

Some of them run run running

Like a rat on a wheel
Trying to find a new deal
Who is their ticket for a meal?
This world is real
On the heals of the final generation

I remember that day in November
Standing on the roof
And I'm feeling so tender
All shook up
Like I've been in the blender
Fend off the demons in the park after dark

Lend me your hand I want to be a member
Spent too much and now I'm rendered
Mend these wounds
Got to find a common thread
Want to fly in the sky
But you're heavy like lead

Just a tool
In the hands of the builder
Fill them with the strength to go further
Digging deep for eternal treasure
Stay away from quick sand and false pleasure
Their mouths speak with arrogance
Appearance like a lion lurking in the mist
They surround and they gaze their fix
Grab the rope of G-d's heritage

Release me from their schemes
My distress you will relieve
Guide me on the path that's dark and slippery
They seek deception and futility
I stand with integrity
Sneak to the roof of that building
Don't want nobody here to see me
They'll say that I'm living in a fantasy
But I believe if I dig deep and I plead in sincerity
Won't you utterly remove the cloud hanging over me

Won't you waive the decree in the shade of your wings
Shelter me from the wicked who have plundered me
From my mortal enemies won't you shield me

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曲名:Indestructible 歌手:Matisyahu