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よみ:でぃすぱっち ざ とぅるーぷす

Dispatch The Troops 歌詞

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Daughter of zion
Once precious princess
Left her father's house
To walk streets that never rest
Maybe they'll hear me in the metropolis
So I'm sending out an SOS

Fighting with her "ta"
She wants out of this mess
And those big city lights
Might brighten up the darkness
You know that I'm tired and you know that I'm stressed
You can't stop me
And you can't stop this

You could call the police try to make an arrest
Today is the day that I repossess
Leaving on the first bus that I can get
Now its rings around the eyes
Sopping wet from rain droplets

Window shopping for some solace
No address and penniless
That's the price that you pay for running away from the stress
Feeling the pain likes the dance by the DJ
Reminds me of a time when things were ok

Frightened by her own shadow
Now she wants to go home

Many names for one G-d
Trotting on, through the facade
You were all my children
Got a dig for that feeling
Love will break through the concealment

Strip away the serpent's skin
We came to win
Dispatch the troops
Send out the captain
My gem is held captive in the dungeon
Don't come back again till you end the mission
If it takes a long time
Don't lose the vision
If you're stuck
Check the blueprint
Look within
Got to find the rhythm
Won't you please return child
Where you been?

She says I can't come home because he won't let me in
And besides we don't need no more friction
Used to look so nice, how'd you get so thin?
With a heart like ice, it's a heart of sin
Skin white like a ghost with a pale complexion
Pray to G-d for the dead we need resurrection
Don't you know wherever you go thick and thin
You are still my children
Since you've been gone my soul's been hearting

Wondering through this world
We are all just boys and girls
Many names for one G-d
Trotting on, through the facade

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曲名:Dispatch The Troops 歌手:Matisyahu