Ancient Lullaby 歌詞 Matisyahu ふりがな付

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よみ:えいんしぇんと ららばい

Ancient Lullaby 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
Mist rising
On the horizon
Listening with my ears
Listening with my eyes
Listening till we're ridding them all from the parasites
Listening till our hearts start to glisten
Share the vision
Unlock rhythms
And we'll melt the ice
Start sizzling
Spilling from the ceiling
Prayer drip and drizzling
Close to the broken hearted
Them crushed in spirit
Redeemed the soul of your servant
Seek peace, pursue it
Keep the sparkle in your eye
So you know we're not gonna die
Life line soul pines for the times
When we'll stay unified
The eyes of Hashem are to the righteous
And He hears their

Soul Cry
Like an ancient lullaby

Jerusalem breeze
Bringing me ease
From the Brooklyn squeeze
Dirty Babylon
I'll bring you down to your knees
Dracula, you're not gonna feed
Leave me be
When they come with their disease
To drag us into the streets

My oil's still pure

You can't take that from me
3,000 years until this last century
Impossible to break the seal of the High Priest

Branches of the trees
Them bow to these
Swaying to the melodies
Craving for the slaves
To bring redemption please
I am you
You are me
No more leaders
We must lead
We want to see G-d in the enemy

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曲名:Ancient Lullaby 歌手:Matisyahu