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よみ:とぅー どらんく...


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I hit the bottle in the morning in the summer time I quit my job
cause it gets in the way
I find a party by the ocean buy the cheapest wine call
up my friends to come and waste the day
I got a dime bag, corduroys, colored sleeves,
and a bindle and some LSD
Now I'm just lookin for a girl to meet to help me to forget my name

I could spend my lifetime gettin' high
Never want to live in a suit and tie
Most of us are just livin a lie
That's why we get fucked up every night

I'm gettin drunk all night
Oh, oh, oh, I'm gettin' drunk all day
I'm gettin' drunk all night

I'm sorry but I have to say I'm too drunk to fuck
Now the party was jumping and the girls were fine with
a lipstick summer glaze
I got so many women coming after me I put some pussy on layaway
I was smoked out, tore up, drunk as fuck and I wouldn't want to
change a thing
Young and dumb and full of cum with a sugar loaded candy cane

I can't eat, can't sleep and I'm bored as fuck and the girl
I want just walked away
She just found out I'm too drunk to fuck it looks like
I'm not getting laid

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曲名:TOO DRUNK... 歌手:Buckcherry