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よみ:あんじゃ あんだーそん

Anja Andersen 歌詞

Junior Senior

2009.2.18 リリース
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Sr- It's Jeppe.
Jr- Hey Jeppe, it's Jesper. Well, how are you doing?
Sr- It's going pretty well
Jr- OK. Are you atressed out?
Sr- Yeah I'm pretty stressed - you know you know
Jr- I know
Sr- I'm leaving in 5... 5 hours I think
Jr- OK
Sr- Totally early out to the airport
Jr- Yeah, hahaha
Sr- But it's cool
Jr- Yeah
Sr- I'm looking forward to it
Jr- I can understand, it's a really great place
Sr- I think so too... it's also... it's also nice to travel alone
Jr- Hmm Yeah, It's going to be really cool. Totally high mountains and deep valleys...
Sr- Hehehe No river deep enough...
Jr- ... Or totally wide enough... are you going to totally sail a kayak and stuff? It'll be wild?
Sr- Yeah, I'm completely out at sea
Jr- Haha, Mr. Nature… that's you… So, what have you been up to? I heard you went yesterday
Sr- Mmmmm, yeah. I can't remember that much
Jr- Fair enough
Sr- But uhmm… yeah, it was pretty cool to see everyone before I leave…
Jr- Yeah
Sr- It wasn't like "bye bye", but it's still for a while… but uhmm… I'll see you on myspace
Jr- Yeah, it's the new thing I hear, haha
Sr- It's totally the old thing… but let's see if they have myspace where I'm going
Jr- For sure
Both- Hahaha
Sr- You know I check that sort of thing before I leave for anywhere… to see if there's lots of internet
Jr- Yeah, I remember the San Fran episode
Both- Haha
Jr- Well, cool… by the way, there was the final in handball here in Denmark the other day
Sr- Right
Jr- Slagelse won… Anja Andersen was cool
Sr- Yeah, she's uhmm… she's damn cool
Jr- They totally had the cool defense… there's this one called Anne Loft
who is really cool. It was great, I could have the "hots" for her, hahaha…
Sr- It's cool that in Denmark, lesbians are actually so much cooler. It kinda
sucks a bit to be a male gay, but…
Jr- Yeah, what would Danish handball be without Anja?... Nothing…
Sr- Anja is Denmark
Jr- Haha, the King of Denmark
Sr- Not someone like Bjarne Riis in the yellow jersey
Jr- I heard they took it from him, hahaha… Well, I really just called to say;
have a good time
Sr- You too, see you… yeah… and now I need a little schnaps
Jr- Yeah, you should take some of that
Sr- for the travel sickness and "flying sickness"… good times
Jr- Well, that's really cool… have a really good time
Sr- Yeah, you too
Jr- And uhmm… write
Sr- I'm writing
Jr- Okay… well I'll see you around
Sr- See you, Jesper
Jr- Hey
Both- [Hang up]

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