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Back In The Day 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
Back in the day
They used to say
Play that song, get it goin' and the band played
And still today
You hear us say
Play that song all night long, Mr. DJ
Though times have changed
It's still the same
We all need a minute to get away
So let it go
And feel the flow
If you got soul let the world know

(B Section) We're gonna set the mood
Gonna go back
To an old-school groove
Gonna rewind, to another time
When the originators, innovators were alive

(Chorus) So break out the Marvin Gaye
Your Etta James
Your Lady Day
And Coltrane
Turn up your 45's
Bring back to life the sound and vibe of yesterday
Open your mind
Enjoy the ride
Get out tonight
And grab that soul train
Back in the day (4X)

Now Chain of Fools
And Respect
Was the anthem of a woman Aretha said
What's Going On
Let's Get It On
Such classic songs, don't forget them
Though times have changed
They still remain
My inspiration every day
So give it up
For the ones
Who came before
Opened up that door

(B Section Repeat)

(Repeat Chorus)

So get up, relive it
Gotta let yourself go
Give up your praise
Come celebrate
Just get up, get on it
Get yourself on the floor
Don't back away
Come celebrate
We're gonna celebrate, yeah

(Repeat Chorus)

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曲名:Back In The Day 歌手:Christina Aguilera