HOT STUFF (LET'S DANCE) 歌詞 Craig David ふりがな付

  1. 歌詞検索UtaTen
  2. Craig David
よみ:ほっと すたっふ (れっつ だんす)


友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
I don't know about you,but if you're feeling the groove
You know what you got to do
It's got to be funky...

(Let's dance)
Get on the floor no need to hold back
Sexy thong,mini skirts,stilettos on shaking all that (let's dance)
What cha doing to me, girl I can't hold back some (hot stuff)
Is all that I need,so why we waiting... (Let's dance)

Hit the floor show me what you're working
Sequins on your skirt,insinuates all of your curves and
Girl you know I'm liking,all the things you're doing
Specially when them other girls be checking out your moves (and)
Girl I want in,the way you're turning me on I can't even begin
You're so hot like you come straight out of the kitchen
When you dip it down low girls be tripping
Cos now all the guys be looking at you
Cos you're so damn fine
Really blows my mind, girl it's all bout you
So what we gonna do?

(Repeat chorus)

On the floor as I pull you close in
Hands all up my back with my arms wrapped around your waist (and)
Temperature be rising,beats straight hypnotising
Ain't no time for talking
Girl lets keep this whole thing moving
Know what I'm saying
Up in here we be just straight up misbehaving
Girl you're making me hard what a feeling
Specially when you spin around rub up on my...
And I ain't even playing (that's right)
So many things I wanna do (tonight)
You make me wanna go home with you (that's right)
So maybe girl you'd like to think it through
But right now its all bout me and you so...

(Repeat chorus x2)

The way that you move,it's got me feenin' for more
The glare of the strobe lights getting down on the floor
Syncopated reactions girl well that's how I do
Girl it ain't about me no,it's all about you
Don't want this to stop so let the record just play
If the crowd wants the rewind get it from the DJ
Girl I wish that we didn't have no clothes on at all
But before we head to the door...

(Repeat chorus x2)

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曲名:HOT STUFF (LET'S DANCE) 歌手:Craig David