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よみ:おーばー ざ うぃーくえんど

over the weekend 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
Packing my grip and
I'm taking a trip out of town
Over the weekend
Must have a change
From the sight of this strange, lonely town
Over the weekend

Far from the noise of the crowd
There must be some place for me
Where I can shout to the clouds
Shout that I'm free

High on a mountain top
Time and the world will stop
I know what I'll find
Love uninhibited, nothing prohibited
If it's insane I don't care, let me lose my mind

Monday will seem as unreal
As a dream in the night
Over the weekend
Back on the train
I could never explain my delight
Over the weekend

Will I have any regret, back in this hole in the wall
How long before I forget the thrill of it all
I think that I can hold on to love
When it's over and gone
I'll let the curtain descend
Over the weekend

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曲名:over the weekend 歌手:Dianne Reeves