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よみ:そーしゃる こーる

social call 歌詞

Dianne Reeves

2008.3.31 リリース
  • 試聴
  • お気に入り登録
友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
Happened to pass your doorway
Gave you a buzz, that's all
Lately I've thought all about you
So I thought I'd pay a social call

Do you recall the old days
We used to have a ball
Not that I'm lonesome without you
I just thought I'd pay a social call

I'd lie and say things are just swell
But to tell the truth I haven't been too well
And if you should try to kiss me
I wouldn't even stall
Maybe we'll get back together
Starting with this
Incidental, elemental, simple social call

(Diakne's vocalese)

Being here with you again
Has brought such precious memories
Awakening many feelings
I fell so alive again
Sitting here talking to you
Late into the night
Feels like we've never, ever been apart
You've always been in my heart
I vividly remember
Things we used to do and say and laugh
And dance and, ooh, you were my boo
How we ever parted
I guess life just intervened
And we went our separate ways

Singing has been so amazing
So many wonderful things
I worked for prayed for
Have filled my days
But while this fabulous life
Was taking place
That one special love
Has not filled this sacred space

Now I feel the heat, the fire, the sweetness
As you hold me in your arms
There's no way I want to go
But baby, take it slow
Let's do some laughing, dancing
Dreaming and romancing
Ooh, let's give it a go

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曲名:social call 歌手:Dianne Reeves